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Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK)

Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK)

Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK) SVDK is an in vitro diagnostic assay for the detection and immunological identification (immunotyping) of Tiger snake, Brown snake, Black snake, Death adder and Taipan snake venoms.

Who is this information for?

This information is relevant in Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) and is intended for laboratory personnel or health care professionals involved in the treatment of human or animal snakebite.


SVDK is a rapid, sandwich enzyme immunoassay used for the in vitro detection and immunological identification of land snake venom from bite sites, urine, plasma, blood or other tissue and body fluids in cases of human or animal snakebite. 

The primary purpose of this kit is to assist in selecting the most appropriate antivenom therapy to match the immunotype of the venom involved in snakebite when the patient is showing signs of systemic envenomation. SVDK test results should always be considered in conjunction with information on the geographical location, clinical symptoms and other laboratory test results. SVDK should not be used to decide whether clinical envenomation has occurred. 

The kit detects and categorises venom from Australian and Papua New Guinean snakes belonging to the five medically significant immunotypes: Tiger, Brown, Black, Death Adder, and Taipan. 

Presentation: Each pack contains 3 tests. 

Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK) Product Information (PDF, 650KB).

SVDK Components: 
• 3 test strips (one for each test) 
• 3 vials of Yellow Sample Diluent (1.5mL, one for each test)
• 3 cotton swabs (one for each test). 
• 1 strip holder 
• 1 vial of Chromogen solution (2mL). 
• 1 vial of Peroxide solution (2mL). 
• Product Leaflet. 

SVDK box

Last Updated: 20-06-2018
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