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Funnel Web Spider Antivenom

Funnel Web Spider Antivenom

Products of National Significance to Australia
Funnel Web Spider Antivenom is used only if there is specific evidence of systemic envenoming following a bite by a funnel web spider. It is administered by a suitably qualified health professional.
Funnel Web Spider
Who is this information for?
This information is relevant in Australia and is intended for people who have been prescribed this product or health care professionals.

Consumer Medicine Information
The Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) is a leaflet written for consumers. The CMI contains information about the medicine including:
  • What this product is used for
  • When this product is used
  • Who should not have this product
  • Before you have this product
  • Side effects
  • The dose of this product
  • What this product contains
  • How to store this product
Funnel Web CMI (PDF, 35KB)

Product Information

Product Information contains information to ensure the safe and effective use of a medicine. This document is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and made available by Seqirus for you if you are a:
  1. qualified healthcare professional; or
  2. consumer, provided you have read the Consumer Medicine Information for the product; want further information on the product; and agree to consult with your healthcare professional if you have any questions in relation to the Product Information.
Funnel Web Product Information (PDF, 141KB)

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