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It really IS a matter of life and death

Every year our vaccines help protect many millions of people from influenza – and yet millions more go unvaccinated. As many as 650,000 die from severe illness during annual influenza epidemics1. Everything we achieve, and everything we have yet to achieve, is measured against just one thing – driving that number down. The clarity of our purpose is what galvanizes us. The gravity of that purpose is what inspires us.

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Push the limits

Our work is breaking boundaries, yet our process is governed by rules. Balancing this paradox is the key to success. You can’t just to anything you want, but you need to do everything that you can. Our rules are there to focus and guide your creativity. So point yourself in the right direction, then take it as far as you can.

Sarah Lemons - Quality
Sarah Lemons


Sarah sought a mentor to build a broader knowledge foundation, helping her to grow.

Stuart Barnes - Engineering
Stuart Barnes 


A career development discussion led to an international assignment for Stuart to Seqirus in Australia. 

Sharon Davoli - HR
Sharon Davoli

Human Resources

Sharon has enjoyed great flexibility at Seqirus, from a complete career change to job-sharing opportunities.

Irina Staxen
Irina Staxen


Leadership at Seqirus is willing to invest in you and your ideas, says Irina.

Rodney Lam - Manufacturing
Rodney Lam


Rodney found support at Seqirus to transition into a new career path.

Milka Smoljko - Quality
Milka Smoljko


Milka says leaders saw qualities within her that led to a new role, which she has thoroughly enjoyed.

Do work that matters. Join Seqirus today!

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Karen Gard'ner Karen Gard'ner

" I have put my hand up for opportunities and the Seqirus leadership supports transferable skills, enabling me to bring my knowledge and experience across different business units. "

Karen Gard’ner, Global Head R&D Quality

These are exciting times at Seqirus.

CSL is an Equal Opportunity Employer

1. World Health Organization. Influenza (Seasonal) Fact Sheet, January 2018. Available online: http://www.who.int/en/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/influenza-(seasonal) (Accessed March 2019)

SEQ/CORP/1019/0027 October 2019

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At Seqirus, we are devoted to protecting people and communities across the globe – working each and every day with our partners on the front line of public health.

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Innovation is vital to achieving our vision of world protected from influenza.

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