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Careers _ Respect Inspires Performance

Employee Development

At Seqirus employee development is closely aligned with desired business outcomes.

Learning Partnership

The below statements outline the learning partnership between employees and Seqirus.

You can expect Seqirus to ... Seqirus expects you to ...
Make training and coaching opportunities available to support you in your role. Take responsibility for your own development and to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform your role effectively.
Provide regular feedback and guidance to enable you to perform your role effectively and contribute positively to the teams with whom you work. Deepen your understanding of your role and to accept accountability for developing greater expertise in your role as you gain work experience.
Offer opportunities to participate in a variety of work-based projects and in so doing gain a broader range of skills. Share your knowledge and expertise with your colleagues and team and support them in developing new skills and competencies.
Provide opportunities for role enrichment and advancement commensurate with your contribution towards objectives and achievements in your role. Make a greater contribution in your role and towards the development of your colleagues and team as your skills and competencies increase.

Depending on your role, you may also be required to complete a number of set professional development hours per period.

Careers _ Respect Inspires Performance

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