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Contract Logistics

Established in 1992, Seqirus provides cold chain and ambient contract logistics solutions for vaccines and prescription medicines in the Australian market. A network of interstate warehouses ensures both ambient and cold chain supplied products are always available to Seqirus customers and those of the Contract Logistics partners Seqirus serves. 

Seqirus’s customer profile, in many cases, reflects that of its Contract Logistics partners, and includes medical and surgical wholesalers, private and public hospitals, medical clinics and GP practices, and pharmacies. In addition, as a long term supplier of influenza vaccine to the Australian community Seqirus has established longstanding and robust relationships with all tiers of government across the country. 

Some of the unique strengths of Seqirus contract logistics lie in: 

  • Mature, high quality business information systems, that are easily accessible for partners
  • A full product and batch trace capability through the supply chain
  • Exacting quality assurance and control systems
  • Established risk management processes and
  • A skilled and experienced workforce.

Seqirus views each supplier partnership as unique, offering a flexible, fee-for-service operating model. Each customer receives a tailored service provision based on their own exacting requirements that includes standard deliverables such as Quality Control and Quality Assurance clearance, as well as a suite of additional services, such as quality audits, procurement, inventory management and billing and accounts receivable. 

Seqirus’s network of warehouses and offices cover five states to fully service an extensive and growing customer base that comprises both Government and global health care product suppliers. Seqirus is a recognised leader in cold chain innovation – utilising temperature monitoring and insulated packing materials – and seeks to remain at the forefront of cold chain product integrity. 

Seqirus continues to be the partner of choice for all state and territory governments for the provision of Vaccine Warehousing and Logistics services provided under the National Immunisation Program (NIP). Seqirus is proud to be the only Australian pharmaceutical company managing its own Third-Party Logistics, which provides a depth of experience and insights into the needs of its commercial customers. 

For more information contact: 

Philip Troughton  –  Director, Contract Logistics
Phone +61 3 9389 4880

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